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Turn your camera off on video calls for Earth day.

1 hour of video calls can release up to 150g to 1kg of CO2*. But turning your camera off reduces emissions by 96%. So for Earth Day 2022, we are launching Face Off Fridays – an initiative to encourage everyone to make a conscious choice to turn off their camera during virtual meetings.


We've all been missing face-to-face time but now we show up virtually. We thought that one of the benefits of working from home was cutting down emissions from cutting out traveling. But wfh has had an unforeseen side effect: the carbon footprint of the internet has increased with some countries reporting a 20% increase in traffic.* One cause of the increased emissions is video conference calls, with one hour of calls releasing 150g to a kilo of CO2, and The number of annual meeting minutes on Zoom is now over 3.3 trillion!!!


One thing is for sure – hybrid working is here to stay, so we need to find ways to make WFH more sustainable.

Through this, we want to change the perception that turning your camera off during calls is a lazy choice and turn it into a conscious choice for the planet. 


Take part by changing your profile picture on Zoom/Teams/Google meets/Slack, to one of these to spread the word.


Make sure you change your picture 24 hours before as it can take up to one day to update.

You can read more about the project in our article about it at Creative Moment.

And on Creative Conscience too!

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