Our Only World

Our Only World is a Cornwall based marine charity, restoring our ocean through different projects. For this DOOH campaign, placed all over London, we focused on their sea tile project. 

Most charities focus on saving the big animals. The whales, the dolphins, the sharks. All the glamorous animals. The little creatures sustain the bigger ones.

Saving the plankton may not be as exciting as saving the whales.

But if you want to save the whales, you have to save the plankton first.

Together we can restore marine life, one tile at a time.

Man made structures like harbour walls are dead-zones for marine life. But Our Only World is investing into sea tiles, which bring back over 30% more marine life and a single sea tile brings back over 80 species. They start by encouraging small plants and creatures to come back, which then starts a circle of bigger and bigger animals coming back.

sea tile no background.png

Launching 10/08/2022

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